In 2018 I started Blue Ox / Gold Fern, (originally just Blue Ox), with the sole service of stump grinding. So with that in mind I figure the first blog post ought to start there.

Below are some fairly solid reasons - a few of which are very valid - to NOT have your stumps ground.

1. You like the way it looks. 

2. You incorporate it into your landscaping. 

3. A chainsaw artist will be commissioned. 

4. You don't want to spend the money. 

5. You live in the woods and stumps are a dime a dozen.

6. While on the way to and fro the mailbox you take pleasure in practicing your tumbling and retrieval skills.

7. You get a kick out of paying for the ER visits for your children and their friends.

8. You're an avid fan of replacing the blade on your mower. Or, even better, you long for opportunities to disassemble the entire mower motor so that you can replace your bent drive shaft.

9. You want to keep a steady supply of termites on hand for your weekend fishing trips.

10. You have plans to replant in the same area and would enjoy nothing better than to spend days hacking and chopping through a piece of timber that has spent the past 75 years establishing itself and its roots in the same space. 

11. You're planning to build a deck and spend thousands of dollars doing so, but want to save $150 by building "around" the stump.

12. And enjoy taking countless trips to the hardware store to purchase kits that over the course of several years will eventually "burn the stump out" only to eventually realize that indeed the stump is still NOT gone.