Truth be told, just like a garden, my philosophy is always developing and hopefully growing.  But, here are some thoughts I'm almost always trying to apply to my approach. (To get the full version we'd do best to grab a cup of coffee or chat over an Old Fashioned some time.) 

Cooperation rather than domination - Always be looking for ways to work with what is already there. 
Unconventional not uncomfortable - Creativity does not have to come at the expense of comfort.
Never trust an impatient gardener - Patience is a virtue. Plants have it in spades and we should all take note. 
It's a lot like Jazz; it must not be contrived - If you try to plan out everything you could miss out on some really good moments.
In the beginning God created - "We are creative creatures who creatively create from creation." - Mark Eckel
The Dogwood Bend - Gardens can be a control freaks worst nightmare. (You may just have to ask me about this one.)